Drug Rehab Center Advises Parents to Talk to Their Teens

Once your child has become a teen, they would have heard about drugs from other sources. What they need from you is the right advice and information so they may make the right choices. According to drug rehab centers San Clemente, it is not as clear-cut as telling your teenager that drug abuse will ruin their lives and is bad for their health. It is a case of resorting to some psychological tricks to get your message across. This is since teenage brains have not yet developed to the point where they know what to do to avoid risks. Most of the time, teens think they still have time on their side and can worry about preventing drug use later on.

Parents need to communicate the long-term risks of drug use and do so by highlighting current issues drug abuse may cause such as:

Decreased fitness and health: Drug use will result in a knock-on effect on your overall health. Alcohol and drug abuse will have an impact on one’s willingness to engage in team sports. The substances will make it more likely that one eats unhealthy foods.

Weight and skin problems: Teens always worry about their appearance. Alcohol and drug use may result in weight fluctuations and unsightly skin conditions. This can be a strong deterrent.

Academic challenges: Exhaustion, apathy as well as brain fog from alcohol use may lead to poor school participation and results.

Social difficulties: While teens tend to use drugs because of peer pressure, the majority avoid taking drugs. That means if your child takes drugs, they will open themselves up to judgment from other peers.

What you need to do for your teen is to show them how to build resilience to enable them to say no and get them to realize they have the right to refuse.

There are various ways you can assist your child to get to this point. One way is to ensure they are busy with upbuilding activities they enjoy, so they have less time to participate in undesirable activities.

Another useful way is to encourage independent thinking and ask them why they want to do things while discouraging responses such as – “because everyone else is doing it.”

Above all, offer your child unconditionally love and support, so they do not have to look for validation with someone else. This does not mean you should not address faults they make or chat about issues as they arise. However, do not let them fear that life challenges will reduce your love for them.

Drug rehabs in San Clemente found that some teens will accept what they are told, while others will have many questions. The point to remember is not to provide them with too much information such as drugs they have never heard of.

Be sure to stress the negative aspects of drug abuse.

Maybe you have a history of someone in the family who battled addiction. Share this info with your child and tell them about the struggles associated with alcohol and drugs.

Provide the Way Out

Do not just assume your child is not interested in using drugs or they will never be exposed to it. Instead, tell them why they should say no and offer suggestions on finding a way out when put under pressure. They can make use of a fib by saying to their peers, “I cannot smoke, I get asthma.”

Be Clear on Any Repercussions

Even though you may encourage your teen to ask questions and foster open communication, be clear on the fact that using drugs is against your house rules. Set clear boundaries and consequences in case of any transgressions in this regard. Stick to your resolve. Limit any contact with friends of theirs who are known for taking drugs or abusing alcohol. Do not allow concerns like not being seen as a cool parent hold you back from doing what is right.

Encourage your teen to say yes to drug-free living. It sure is hard talking to your teen about drugs. Do not let any uncomfortableness or awkwardness get in the way of delivering your full message. It is your child’s only childhood, and it is up to you as the parent to ensure it doesn’t get ruined by substance addiction or abuse.

Speak to your nearest San Clemente, CA drug rehab facility about more information that will help you get through to your teen about the consequences of drug abuse. Check out our drug rehab in California – Total Rehab Solutions